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Behind "Seasons Change"

Being an Artist is sometimes difficult, especially when you are walking into the season as a full-time artist. Back in June, I resigned from my position as a Property Manager to pursue art full-time. Back in November 2020, I opened an Art Gallery, but couldn't run it effectively, which pushed me into my next season. I knew I wanted to continue my art journey, so I decided to follow my art. Overwhelmed in this new season, I stopped painting a while, really trying to find my way. Then, I dreamed of this painting. The next day, I painted it. While painting this piece, I heard God speak to me, saying, "Seasons Change." It's at that very moment that I knew that I was on the right track with my decision. As I was painting some inspirations started to flood my mind. I would like to share them with you.

  • The first one was the word 'Intentional.' I know that God is an intentional God and everything that was and is happening to me is all in His intentional plan. 

  • The second one was 'Je pense donc Je suis' that translates, "I think, therefore, I am." That's enough within itself. I thought to myself, I can do this. I must do this for me and for my family. 

  • "Lovely are His Ways" was my next inspirational phrase that I added to the painting. In awe of the things God was doing in my life, I knew nothing I was doing was mistake. Leaving my job is not a mistake. Me being an Artist is all part of his plan for me. His ways are not my ways, and I must remember that always. 

  • Lastly, "live in the moment was the last phrase I painted. I easily stress, but when I finished this piece, I was relieved. I was excited because I pushed myself beyond my insecurities and uncertainties and was able to see the final product.

I said all that to say that seasons change, but when they do change, know that you can do it with Christ on your side. Live in the moment and remember lovely are his ways! Be blessed.

-Brayonna, Owner/Artist

Can you spot each phrase? 

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