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"Pieces of Me"


"Pieces of Me" began as a way for me to brand myself. A way for me to stand out, so when people saw my work they would know what artist it belong to. But as I started creating these pieces, it became more and more personal to me.


I painted the first piece almost a year ago and put it in the corner not sure if it was good enough. However, every time I looked at the painting, something kept saying make more. I started on another piece about a month later and that's when I discovered that I was on to something so amazing.

As, I ripped paper and placed it on a canvas, I thought of my own life. There are so many pieces of my life that makes me the person I am today. Whether the pieces were ugly or beautiful, they all shaped me to be this beautiful woman of God, one of God's many masterpieces. which is why this collection is so special to me.

The name each piece starts with the word, 'new' because it's all the things that I felt like God has given me, and I believe He wants to give it to you. Each piece is also followed by a scripture to give meaning to the name. I would love for you to subscribe and follow this collection as I create more and more as God give them to me. No piece will ever be the same because none of us are the same, but we all are one with Him. They are are unique in their own little way. 

Thanks for stopping by and choosing Wonder. I pray that as you explore my site you will find something that speaks to you.

I love you with my whole heart! 


Brayonna McDade, Artist


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